Genesis XI: The Lord versus the City of Man

Try as we might, we cannot ignore the tumultuous relationship that exists between "the Lord" and the humans throughout the book of Genesis. Routinely, the humans make propositions in order to prevent an undesired condition, and God responds by forcing the unwanted condition upon the humans. Consider the story of the Tower of Babel found in Genesis … Continue reading Genesis XI: The Lord versus the City of Man

Steamboat Bill Jr.

Steamboat Bill Jr. was the last of Buster Keaton’s 9 independent films made for Joseph Schenck and it was the last big comedic film of the silent era. His independent feature films for Schenck included: Three Ages (1923) Our Hospitality (1923) Sherlock Jr. (1924) The Navigator (1924) Seven Chances (1925) Go West (1925) The General (1927) College (1927) Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928) The story … Continue reading Steamboat Bill Jr.