Commentary on the Form of the “Homeric Hymns”

The collection of hymns, commonly called the "Homeric Hymns" or "Homerica," are a compilation of thirty-three prayers to the gods. They have erroneously been attributed to Homer by the moderns due to the dactylic hexameter formula -the same poetic form of the Homeric epics. Recall the prayer to the god Osiris in the Egyptian Book … Continue reading Commentary on the Form of the “Homeric Hymns”

Fourth Academy Awards (1931)

The Fourth Academy Awards ceremony for motion pictures was held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. A young Jackie Cooper, nominated for Best Actor, memorably fell asleep during the ceremony. He was nine year old. For the ceremony, the Academy recognized films released from August 1930 and July 1931. Cimarron won three awards, including Outstanding Production, … Continue reading Fourth Academy Awards (1931)


M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder  Director: Fritz Lang (1931) M - "A City looks for a Murderer" is a marvelous work of cinematic genius, cementing Fritz Lang as the "master of darkness." It was his first sound film and the screenplay was written by Lang and his wife. Throughout his life, he believed M to … Continue reading M

Book XVIII of the Iliad: Examining the Shield of Achilles

In Book XVIII of the Iliad, Achilles is distraught. Patroclus has been killed by Hector, and the armor of Achilles has been stripped and stolen by Hector. Thetis, Achilles's goddess mother, travels to the house of Hephaestus to convince him to build a new shield for Achilles so he can return to the battle and … Continue reading Book XVIII of the Iliad: Examining the Shield of Achilles


Cimarron (1931) Director: Wesley Ruggles Named after the novel of the same name, Cimarron is the oscar-winning film that was RKO studio's most expensive film to date. It was the first film to receive more than six academy award nominations. It was the first western to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, and it was filmed on … Continue reading Cimarron