Cavalcade (1933) Director: Frank Lloyd Cavalcade, the winner of three Academy Awards in 1933 including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Direction, is a biopic that tells the story of a British family through their various trials and tribulations. The plot follows the Marryots beginning on New Years Day in 1899-1900, through the Boer Wars, … Continue reading Cavalcade

King Kong

King Kong (1933) Director: Merian C Cooper and Enrest B. Shoedsack Starring Fay Wray, King Kong is perhaps the most famous adventure/horror flick of all time. Initially, the actress Wray believed that the RKO film would feature the 'tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood', such as Cary Grant, rather than a 50 foot ape. She was … Continue reading King Kong