Socrates’s Failure In The Lysis

Plato's Lysis dialogue is unique for several reasons. It is one of the shortest Platonic dialogues and it is recounted by Socrates to an unknown individual or group of individuals after the fact. Additionally, the dialogue explores the question of friendship and it ends inconclusively with an insufficient definition of friendship. It begins with Socrates in a … Continue reading Socrates’s Failure In The Lysis

Thoughts On The Gorgias

In the Gorgias dialogue, Socrates travels with his friend and follower Chaerephon to the house of Callicles, whose name means "famed for visible excellence". At Callicles's house a distinguished guest and self-proclaimed Rhetorician from Sicily resides, along with his follower, Polus. Callicles, the host, is important to the dialogue as he is also a close follower … Continue reading Thoughts On The Gorgias