Thoughts on Plato’s Charmides

Plato's Charmides is a curious dialogue. Whereas the Republic considers the question of justice in the "city in speech", the Charmides considers the question of tyranny within the city, or at least in the examples of Charmides and Critias. Similar to the Republic, however, Socrates is the narrator of the dialogue and at least twice he breaks the fourth wall. While … Continue reading Thoughts on Plato’s Charmides

Initial Thoughts on Plato’s Laches

In Plato's short dialogue called the Laches we encounter the question of courage. Lysimachus and Melesias are seeking guidance from some of Athen's older and more experienced on the best way to raise their sons so they will become good. Both Lysimachus and Melesias are ashamed because they did not fight in battle the way their forefathers did against … Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Plato’s Laches