Cratylus: Plato’s Dialogue on Language

In the character of Cratylus, we find a Platonic figure that most closely matches much of our contemporary philosophic challenge, namely the challenge posed by the Analytic philosophers. The dialogue is a dramatic piece, rather than a recounted story by either Socrates or another story-teller, of a conversation taking place between Hermogenes and Cratylus that … Continue reading Cratylus: Plato’s Dialogue on Language

Euthydemus’s Form of Relativism

Beginning at 293B in Plato's Euthydemus, Crito asks Socrates if Euthydemus was able to reveal anything to him yesterday at the Lyceum when they spoke in front a crowd of rowdy supporters of Euthydemus. Socrates exclaims that 'of course!' that Euthydemus had shown him things. Euthydemus asks Socrates whether he knows anything to which Socrates responds affirmatively … Continue reading Euthydemus’s Form of Relativism