Alice Adams

Alice Adams (1935) Director: George Stevens After several disappointing flops, Alice Adams rejuvenated Katharine Hepburn's Hollywood career from its glory with such hits as Morning Glory. It is based on the 1921 Pulitzer-Prize winning novel of the same name by Booth Tarkington (winner of the Pulitzer in 1922). I decided to watch this film in conjunction with reading the … Continue reading Alice Adams

The Seven Against Thebes and The Phoenician Women Considered

Aeschylus's Seven Against Thebes is an odd, archaic play. The bulk of the play is a long reflection and recital of the blazonry on a champion's shield, during the backdrop of the impending duel between Oedipus's two sons, Polynices and Eteocles, with Eteocles playing the main role. As David Grene (the play's translator) notes, the … Continue reading The Seven Against Thebes and The Phoenician Women Considered

Thoughts on The Phoenician Women

Euripides's Phoenician Women comes down to us as a heavily edited dialogue. Some have suggested it was performed during Euripides's lifetime, while others have suggested it remained unfinished and was expanded upon by later Greek writers. The play is an interpretation of Aeschylus's Seven Against Thebes - in which Oedipus's two sons, Polynices and Eteocles battle for the kingship of Thebes. Recall … Continue reading Thoughts on The Phoenician Women