Great Books

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What is a Great Book?

"Under the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, have you persuaded yourself that there are knowledges and truths beyond your grasp, things that you simply cannot learn? Have you allowed adverse evidence to pile up and force you to conclude that you are not mathematical, not linguistic, not poetic, not scientific, not philosophical? If you have allowed this to happen, you have arbitrarily imposed limits on your intellectual freedom, and you have smothered the fires from which all other freedoms arise."
-Scott Buchanan, "The Last Don Rag"



Pulitzer Prize Winners



Science Fiction/Fantasy

2 thoughts on “Great Books

  1. Hi! Big thanks for what you’re doing with this website. I think I’m doing something of the same thing (using the great books to try and understand the world) a few years behind you. I looked around but didn’t see: have you written a reflection or a how-it’s-going-so-far? Would love to hear your thoughts, especially since you’re actually going a bit broader than I am, going into modern novels and Pulitzer winners.

    In any event, thanks for keeping us updated!

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  2. Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for your kind comment! You’d be surprised how many unfriendly/antagonistic comments I get on here. The project is going very well thus far, the problem is it just keeps expanding! There is an ever-growing list of books I want to read, plus lots I would like to return to. How is your great books project going? Always nice to meet a fellow traveler! -John

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