European History & Biography

History of England
Pre-Roman Britain
Roman Britain – Julius Caesar Invades Britannia (55-54 BC)

Roman Britain – Claudius Invades Britannia (AD 43) & the End of Roman Britain
Anglo-Saxon England, Part I
Anglo-Saxon England, Part II
Alfred the Great (871-899)
Anglo-Saxon England, Part III
Anglo-Saxon England, Part IV
William the Conqueror & The Norman Invasion of 1066
The Norman Kings: William II, Henry I, Stephen & Matilda (1066-1154)
The Plantagenets (Angevin): Henry II (1154-1189)
The Plantagenets (Angevin): Richard I “Coeur de Lion” (1189-1199)
The Plantagenets (Angevin): John and Magna Carta (1199-1216)
The Plantagenets: Henry III (1216-1272)
The Plantagenets: Edward I “Longshanks” (1272-1307)
The Plantagenets: Edward II (1307-1327)
The Plantagenets: Edward III & the Hundred Years War (1327-1377)
Who Is Geoffrey Chaucer?
The Plantagenets: Richard II (1377-1399)
The Plantagenets: Henry IV (1399-1413)
The Plantagenets: Henry V (1413-1422)
The Plantagenets: Henry VI, Edward IV, & The Wars of the Roses (1422-1483)
The Plantagenets: Edward V & Richard III (1483-1485)
The Tudors: Henry VII (1485-1509)
The Tudors: Henry VIII & The English Reformation (1509-1547)
The Tudors: Edward VI & Lady Jane Grey (1547-1553)
The Tudors: Mary I (1553-1558)
The Tudors: Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
Who Is William Shakespeare?
On Stephen Greenblatt’s “Will in the World”
The Stuarts: James I (1603-1625)
The Story of the King James Bible
The Stuarts: Charles I & The English Civil War (1625-1649)
Interregnum: Oliver Cromwell, The Commonwealth, & The Lord Protectorate (1649-1660)
The Stuarts: Charles II & The Restoration (1660-1685)
The Stuarts: James II & The Glorious Revolution (1685-1689)
The Stuarts: William and Mary (1689-1702)
The Stuarts: Anne & The United Kingdom of Great Britain (1702-1714)
The Hanoverians: George I (1714-1727)
The Hanoverians: George II (1727-1760)
The Hanoverians: George III (1760-1820)
The Hanoverians: George IV (1820-1830)
The Hanoverians: William IV (1830-1837)