Go West

9/11/2016 Go West (1925) Director: Buster Keaton Go West is a delightful film filled with Keaton's classic gags. It is clearly a precursor to The General with his notable fascination with trains and the old west. Much of the film was shot in Arizona in extremely hot weather and it was not one Buster Keaton's favorite films, though … Continue reading Go West

The Navigator

9/5/2016 The Navigator (1924) Director: Buster Keaton and Donald Crisp The Navigator is another classic Buster Keaton film, and one of his first great films, following Sherlock, Jr. It contains some of Keaton's best stunts and is based on the screenplay by Clyde Bruckman, a writer for other great comedies, including the works of W.C. Fields, Laurel and Hardy, … Continue reading The Navigator

Steamboat Bill Jr.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) Director: Charles Reisner and Buster Keaton Steamboat Bill Jr. was the last of Buster Keaton’s 9 independent films made for Joseph Schenck and it was the last big comedic film of the silent era. His independent feature films for Schenck included: Three Ages (1923) Our Hospitality (1923) Sherlock Jr. (1924) The Navigator (1924) Seven Chances (1925) … Continue reading Steamboat Bill Jr.