The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) Review


The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) Director: Charles Tait



The Story of the Kelly Gang was the first feature-length narrative movie in history, running longer than one hour upon release. It tells the story of Ned Kelly, the famous Australian outlaw, as he ventures forth on his many escapades. Much of the film has been lost or severely edited, but the thin narrative still stands. It details the rise and capture of Ned Kelly. There were no inter-titles released with the film, and due to its poor quality, historians have been forced to piece together the story from newspaper clippings and historical accounts of Ned Kelly’s life.


The Story of the Kelly Gang is a film worth watching purely for the sake of posterity. While it is historically significant to the development of cinema, much of the film is lost, confusing, or badly damaged. Only true dedicated film buffs should venture down this path.