The Littlest Rebel

The Littlest Rebel (1935) Director: David Butler The film is a beautiful and classically heart-warming tale of a Southern plantation family during the American Civil War. It was released in 1935, and became a top box-office film, along with Shirley Temple's signature performance in Curly Top, which was also released in 1935. Shirley Temple stars alongside Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, the … Continue reading The Littlest Rebel


Vampyr (1932) Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer In German the film was called Vampyr – Der Traum des Allan Gray, or "Vampyr: The Dream of Allan Gray." It was funded by Nicolas de Gunzburg, who also starred in the film under a pseudonym, and the script was based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu's In A Glass Darkly, … Continue reading Vampyr

It’s A Gift

It's A Gift (1934) Director: Norman McLeod A lesser known short classic starring W.C. Fields. It tells the story of the everyman struggling against his domestic circumstances -a nagging wife, disrespectful children, and a failing business. He is clumsy, crude, and all-around unlucky. He inherits some money, which he uses to buy an orange grove … Continue reading It’s A Gift

Go West

9/11/2016 Go West (1925) Director: Buster Keaton Go West is a delightful film filled with Keaton's classic gags. It is clearly a precursor to The General with his notable fascination with trains and the old west. Much of the film was shot in Arizona in extremely hot weather and it was not one Buster Keaton's favorite films, though … Continue reading Go West

King Kong

King Kong (1933) Director: Merian C Cooper and Enrest B. Shoedsack Starring Fay Wray, King Kong is perhaps the most famous adventure/horror flick of all time. Initially, the actress Wray believed that the RKO film would feature the 'tallest, darkest leading man in hollywood', such as Cary Grant, rather than a 50 foot ape. She was … Continue reading King Kong