Charlie Chaplin’s First National Films

In 1917-1918, Charlie Chaplin was seeking more independence and greater creative license over his films, which he believed were becoming too stagnant and predictable. His relationship with Mutual ended amicably, and he signed an eight-film contract with First National. His years with First National would prove to be some of the most important in his … Continue reading Charlie Chaplin’s First National Films


Cabiria (1914) Director: Giovanni Pastrone Martin Scorcese once said that the true seed of the epic film genre springs from Pastrone, rather than de Mille or Griffith. Pastrone freed the audience from the static single-shot scenes, thus allowing mobile cameras to take the audience along with the story. Cabiria is the great Italian epic, shot during the … Continue reading Cabiria


L'Inferno (1911) Director: Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan, Giuseppe De Liguoro "The Inferno" is an early silent Italian film portraying the first (and most important) part of Dante's "Divine Comedy". Spurred on by Italy's War with Libya (1911-1912), the hub for early epic films spawned a burgeoning Italian film industry (see also Cabiria which was released in … Continue reading L’Inferno