The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots (1895) Director: Alfred Clark The film is sometimes called "The Execution of Mary Stuart" (1895) and it is the earliest surviving film using special effects, notably the 'stop trick.' It lasts about 18 seconds and was produced by Thomas Edison. A male Shakespearean actor wound up playing Mary being led to … Continue reading The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

Georges Méliès Short Films (1896-1912)

I recently (re)watched several early and classic Georges Méliès films. These pictures are incredibly ingenious for the time - the cutting room floor plays a key role in the development of each of these films as we see Méliès's chaotic and imaginative world filled with magic and intrigue. His world is often chaotic and scrambled with characters … Continue reading Georges Méliès Short Films (1896-1912)

Dickson Experimental Sound Film

Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1894-1895) Director: William Kennedy Laurie Dickson This early experiment in synchronizing sound and film was shot at Thomas Edison's studio in West Orange, New Jersey, sometimes called the "Black Maria". It was a test of Edison's "Kinetophone" project. The wax recording of the sound (as seen in the film) was believed … Continue reading Dickson Experimental Sound Film