Aristotle, Oedipus, and Greek Tragedy

There is a rigorous debate among scholars that has perpetuated for hundreds of years, dating back to Aristotle, about whether or not the purpose, or telos, of a tragedy is to determine a particular character flaw of the central protagonist. That is, to inquire about whether or not Oedipus is, indeed, a flawed human being who has, somehow, … Continue reading Aristotle, Oedipus, and Greek Tragedy


Cavalcade (1933) Director: Frank Lloyd Cavalcade, the winner of three Academy Awards in 1933 including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Direction, is a biopic that tells the story of a British family through their various trials and tribulations. The plot follows the Marryots beginning on New Years Day in 1899-1900, through the Boer Wars, … Continue reading Cavalcade

I Samuel Chapters 8-14: Israel’s Demand for a King

In the first book of Samuel, we find the Israelites in demand of a new form of governance. Recall the chaos and waywardness of the Israelite people in the book of Judges, as well as the failed rulership of the judges. Now, prophets like Samuel are no longer sufficient, and instead, the Israelites demand a single … Continue reading I Samuel Chapters 8-14: Israel’s Demand for a King