Six Questions in the Prasna Upanishad

The Bhagavad Gita and the Prasna Upanishad are the closest examples in the "Eastern Canon" to a dialectical dialogue, such as a Platonic dialogue. In the Prasna Upanishad, we encounter six students full of devotion to Brahman, "the Supreme Spirit." In their quest for the highest Brahman they approach the holy Pippalada to explain the … Continue reading Six Questions in the Prasna Upanishad

Introduction to the Rig Veda

The works of Eastern scripture have captivated the Western mind to a great degree over the last three hundred years. In Europe, philosophers and writers, gatekeepers of culture, have gained a renewed taste for the cosmic, mystical teachings of the East. Recall Hegel and Schopenhauer's keen interest in newly discovered texts, like the Upanishads. In the … Continue reading Introduction to the Rig Veda

What Is The Teaching Of The Upanishads?

The Upanishads are either a scattered collection of esoteric writings, filled with conflicting messages, or they contain a coherent Vedanta teaching, as demonstrated by later dogmatists. Though they are the collected writings concluding many of the Vedas (the Sanskrit word for either "knowledge" or "wisdom"), the Upanishads are often recognized for the most relevant 10-14 scriptures, and they were … Continue reading What Is The Teaching Of The Upanishads?