Socrates’s Desire to Die: On Xenophon’s Apology

Xenophon's Memorabilia ("recollections") is his public defense of Socrates, but the title is notably silent about whether or not the recollections are exclusively of Socrates. The text is, instead, rife with the recollections by Xenophon on the Socratic, and therefore, the philosophic life. As an alternative, his shorter Socratic writing, the Apology of Socrates, is clear about who … Continue reading Socrates’s Desire to Die: On Xenophon’s Apology

Wandering Thoughts on the Philebus

The Philebus is a teleological dialogue, focused on the finality of things. On the surface, the subject matter concerns the question of pleasure. The pursuit of pleasure, as opposed to Jefferson's "pursuit of happiness", is a limitless activity. However there is the question of the finality of the philosophic life -what is the end? Where is the … Continue reading Wandering Thoughts on the Philebus