Thoughts on the Prayer of Manasseh

The Prayer of Manasseh is a fascinating little prayer. Today, it is included among the biblical apocrypha -and sometimes it is included among thePsalms or at the end of Second Chronicles. It is an imagined prayer of Manasseh, successor king to Hezekiah of ancient Judah, as he makes an apologia in penitence for his sins -praising of other gods. The prayer is divided into fifteen verses, and … Continue reading Thoughts on the Prayer of Manasseh

Notes on Amos

Amos lived during the same epoch as Hosea, as both prophets were active in the Northern Kingdom of Israel ("Samaria"), during the reign of Jeroboam II, though Amos is not explicitly described as a prophet in the text (neither he nor his father are described as prophets). He is believed to have been an older … Continue reading Notes on Amos

Notes on the Context of the Tanakh

The ancient national identity of Israel arose as a separate and unique group from the Canaanite and Philistine tribes of the ancient Levant (French meaning "rising" coming from the Arabic phrase for the 'rising sun in the east'). Today the Levant roughly comprises Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Palestine (the territories), and Lebanon. In the late … Continue reading Notes on the Context of the Tanakh