Welcome to my reading journey through the great books, both ancient and modern. At any given time I can be found puzzling my way through the world’s most influential texts. I also occasionally write about classic movies, art, history, music and other topics of interest.

My goal with this website is to cultivate and harvest the fruits of great literature. I hope to read lots of books, make lots of lists, and track my progress. I am always refining my book lists:

Ancient Book List

Modern Book List

My Novel List

Pulitzer Prize Winners List

History & Biography Book List

Current goals: read the Pulitzer Prize winners for the Novel/Fiction category, read the complete works of Shakespeare, and research the kings and queens of England.

Accomplishments: I finished re-reading the Bible in its entirety (Old and New Testaments plus the Apocrypha), Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus, Thucydides, all the surviving Greek tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, all the surviving comedies of Aristophanes, the complete dialogues of Plato, the major works of Aristotle, and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Kindly inform me of any errors I make along the way:

“errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum”
-Alexander Pope’s “An Essay on Criticism” (1711)

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