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Welcome to my reading journey through the great books. I am a thirty-something year old husband and father with a quixotic itch for the classics (I make a lot of lists). I created this humble corner of the infinite web to track a variety of projects I am presently puzzling over. In college, a professor once counseled me that “we should be constantly writing and entering into dialogue with the books we are reading.” This website is an attempt to meet that challenge. I tend to believe that somewhere out there, beneath the vast tyranny of distraction, lies a republic of letters where ideas are discussed, questioned, and entertained free from prejudice or penalty. I approach these books as if they have something deeply important to teach me. Like an agriculturalist, I hope to glean a bountiful harvest. I also write about old movies, television shows, and other topics of interest. Kindly drop me a line along the way.


This website is protected under United States Fair Use copyright law, however if you feel I have improperly used certain material, please simply contact me and I will humbly address the issue.

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.”
-Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

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