Classic Film Project

I started this project to track a large and growing list of films I am watching.


And here is my list:


My Five-Star Films

Rating System

This rating system is not intended to reduce classic films to a mere number, just to organize them by those with the most enduring qualities.


A poor film that does not meet the criteria for being labeled a classic film. Sub par acting, unimpressive cinematography, or weak screen writing can all be examples of a film that falls into this category.


A decent film that is certainly worth watching, but perhaps just for its historical significance and nothing else. For example, a film might fall in this category if it is the first film to achieve something, but its acting or directorship is lackluster, at best. This film is typically a novelty and nothing more.


A good film that comes with a recommendation to watch. It is typically well put together, but is without a quality of excellence that leaves it not entirely unforgettable, but also not as remarkable as a classic film worth watching again and again.


A great film that is both enduring and highly remarkable. It is recommended that all lovers of classic films view this film at least once, if not multiple times.


sublime film that displays a quintessential quality of perfection. It is a film that is spectacular in its unique ability to capture a story and also a complete whole composed of parts. This film has an inspiring score (if applicable), mesmerizing acting, and a visionary director who knows no parallel. It is a rare brand of enduring craftsmanship that is purely timeless.

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