Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019) Director: Quentin Tarantino Tarantino's latest deliberately historically revisionist and ultra violent film (though not til the very ending) is a somewhat different film from his other recent notables, like Django or The Hateful Eight. It stars: Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch and others. It is Tarantino's ninth film … Continue reading Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


Us (2019) Director: Jordan Peele Us is the follow-up to Peele's celebrated contemporary horror film Get Out released in 2017. It stars Lupita N'yong'o, a Kenyan American actress. Us tells the story of Adelaide Wilson and her family on vacation in Santa Cruz, CA when they are mysteriously attacked by a group of Doppelgängers - a pseudo-German word … Continue reading Us

Get Out

Get Out (2017) Director: Jordan Peele Get Out is the fantastic directorial debut of Jordan Peele, former comedian turned film buff aficionado. It stars Daniel Kaluuya. The film is a psychological horror film. It tells the story of Christopher Washington, a Black/African American man, who goes to visit his White girlfriend's family at their rural home … Continue reading Get Out


Faust – Eine deutsche Volkssage (1926) Director: F.W. Murnau Faust is a classic silent film based on the Germanic legend most popularly put to print in Goethe's famous work of the same name. It was Murnau's last German film before moving to Hollywood and completing his classic, Sunrise in 1927. Emil Jannings, the great German actor, stars as … Continue reading Faust

On The Logos in the Gospel of John

The Gospel According to John is distinct from the other three so-called "synoptic gospels" (so-named for their historical synopses of Jesus's life): Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In contrast, John presents an existential text filled with dichotomies: manichean lightness and darkness, friends and enemies, sons and fathers and so on. The Gospel can be read as a pre-Aquinas attempt to harmonize faith … Continue reading On The Logos in the Gospel of John

Comparing the Death of Jesus in the Four Gospels

Matthew According to the gospel of Matthew, Matthew was a "publican" or "tax collector" called by Jesus to follow him (5:9) though Mark and Luke identify this man as Levi. His gospel is anonymous, with the subscription of "according to Matthew" at least a couple hundred years after the death of Jesus. His gospel is, in some ways, a compilation … Continue reading Comparing the Death of Jesus in the Four Gospels

Matthew Chapters 5-7: The Sermon on the Mount

The Gospel (or "good news") according to Maththaîon is concerned with the fulfillment of ancient scriptures, hence why the text continually references the prophecies of Jeremiah. The gospel of Matthew takes great liberties to trace Jesus's genealogy to the ancient bloodline of Israel, as the objective is to persuade the general public of Jesus's divinity, through … Continue reading Matthew Chapters 5-7: The Sermon on the Mount

On Xenophon’s Account of Socrates in the Memorabilia

Xenophon's Memorabilia, or "recollections" is a treatise written to the greatest number of people. It is the longest and most beautiful of Xenophon's Socratic works. It is manifestly distinct from the Oeconomicus, which is Xenophon's natural response to Aristophanes's caricature of Socrates in The Clouds. Memorabilia is Xenophon's public apologia for Socrates. The text is written directly from Xenophon's first-person perspective, … Continue reading On Xenophon’s Account of Socrates in the Memorabilia


Interstellar (2014) Director: Christopher Nolan Interstellar is another complex epic, science fiction film from Christopher Nolan. Again, he wrote the screenplay together with his brother, Jonathan. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, and others. It takes place in a dystopian future where food and the prospect of future livelihood on planet earth … Continue reading Interstellar