Red Dust (1932) Review

Red Dust (1932) Director: Victor Fleming


Red Dust is an amusing and scandalous pre-code film. It stars Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Mary Astor. It is based on a 1928 play of the same name by John Mahin. The film is set in French Indochina at a rubber plantation production facility. Harlow plays a stranded prostitute who has a scandalous relationship with Gable, but Gable falls for Astor’s character, until her husband privately expresses his love. The climax occurs when Gable turns against Astor’s character and she shoots him (she does not kill him), but in the end Gable and Harlow reunite.

The film is mostly notable for its scandalous nature, including some choice lines from Jean Harlow and a scene of her publicly bathing in a tub while Gable pulls her hair. Otherwise it need not be on a list of the greatest films ever made.

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