In Old Arizona

In Old Arizona (1928) Director: Irving Cummings


Nominated for Best Picture, this film was based on the story Caballero’s Way by O. Henry. It was first “talkie” western film. Its many filming locations included Zion National Park in Utah, Mission San Juan Capistrano, and the Mojave Desert.

The sound quality in the film is poor at best, however there are several beautiful scenes of the old desert. It is a notable film mainly for its posterity.

It tells the story of the Cisco Kid, a desert robber, and Sergeant Dunn as he endeavors to find the bandit. The Cisco Kid double crosses the woman he loves and orchestrates events that will lead to her death in the end. Curiously, the Cisco Kid escapes and the film ends with his lover’s death. There are several notable scenes of the “singing cowboy.”

Raoul Walsh was set to star in the film however he experienced a car accident when a jackrabbit jumped through his windshield and cost him an eye. His acting career slowed after this incident and he wore an eye patch.

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