Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace (2008) Director: Marc Foster

Empire Design's poster for Quantum of Solace


Quantum of Solace is the sequel to Casino Royale, the first Bond film starring Daniel Craig. The title for “Quantum of Solace” comes from a 1960 collection of short stories written by Ian Fleming, published in Cosmopolitan magazine. The plot of the film, however, is wholly different.

The film opens with Bond seeking to exact revenge for the death of his lover, Vesper, which occurred at the dramatic end of Casino Royale. He meets Camille Montes, his new lover, and the trail leads them to Dominic Greene in Bolivia, an unimpressive businessman who has a plan to stage a coup d’etat in Bolivia via a complex plot to control the country’s water supply. This leads Bond to the organization of his late lover, Quantum of Solace.

The film opens with a chaotic chase scene in Siena, Italy. Bond has captured Mr. White -someone who keeps appearing in the Daniel Craig series. Bond brings Mr. White to M for questioning regarding an unknown organization called “Quantum.” He and M are double-crossed by one of M’s bodyguards. Bond chases the double-crosser down and kills him, then he and M search his flat in London which leads Bond to a hitman who is planning to kill a woman, Camille Montes. The hit has been put on her by her ex-lover, Dominic Greene, a powerful businessman who is staging a coup d’etat in Bolivia. Bond and Camille infiltrate Greene’s desert lair in Bolivia and stop his political plot. Ccamille exacts vengeance for what Greene’s organization did to her family, and Bond takes GReene out to the remote desert where he tortures Greene for information about Quantum and leaves him alone with a can of oil in the desert. According to M, Greene was later found shot with two bullets and with oil in his stomach.

At the close of the film, Bond tracks down his ex-lover’s paramour, a man who seduces women in order to gain access to influential people. He leaves the man to be arrested by MI6. Meanwhile, M approaches Bond and asks him to rejoin the ranks of MI6 now that he has exacted vengeance. Bond agrees and he drops Vesper’s old necklace in the snow as he returns to M16.

The lead song is sung by Jack White, called “Another Way To Die.”

Quantum is known for being the most violent in the Bond saga -it contains significant echoes of the Bourne films, with dizzying cut-scenes and brutal scenes of torture. In this way, Quantum is not at all like a Bond film -there is no Q or MoneyPenny, and the villains are all ordinary guys. The only memorable scene is the wild car chase at the beginning of the film. It is one of the more confusing Bond films, surely not one of the best. It is a sophomore follow-up to Casino Royale.

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