Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems (2019) Director: The Safdie Bros (Joshua and Benjamin)


While I appreciate most movies which have emerged from studio A24, Uncut Gems is simply not my cup of tea. It features an endless stream of screaming profanities in every single scene along with a cast of self-serving, lying, thieving characters in a soulless world driven only by despair and desperate attempts to attain money. Adam Sandler plays Howard, a low-brow New York City gem salesman who is constantly gambling away whatever little money he has, while fruitlessly attempting to talk his way out of situations. His wife despises him, his children don’t listen to him, and he has an apartment in the city for his young mistress. He is a character that we love to hate as we watch him slowly unravel. In the film, there are some cameos by Kevin Garnett and The Weeknd, though admittedly it is Adam Sandler who steals the show as we watch Howard desperately attempt to pay back his mounting creditors before the clock runs out.

Life is just to short to waste on movies like this —Uncut Gems features an extremely stressful plot with no redemption as Howard is shockingly and unexpectedly murdered in the end along with his brother-in-law. Apparently there are some interesting Jewish themes of suffering in the world underlying the film, but honestly there are better movies than this in my view.

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