The Cameraman (1928) Review

The Cameran (1928) Director: Edward Sedgwick and Buster Keaton (uncredited)


The Cameraman is an amusing and charming Buster Keaton film. It tells the story of a young cameraman who tries to become a MGM filmer/photographer. Ironically this was Keaton’s first MGM film.

The Cameraman is certainly a fun film and an amusing romp with Buster Keaton. However, the film falls short of Buster Keaton’s glory with other previous great films released during the silent film era. It is a charming meta-textual film that is worthwhile to see at least once.

Buster falls in love with a woman named Sally and it leads him on an adventure trying to capture the best footage. At one point he is framed and stolen from a monkey, before the boss of MGM tries to screen the film for laughs but realizes that it is a quality production.

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